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Finish a Track in 12 Days – Join LNA’s December Challenge!

The popular 12 Days of Creativity challenge by LNA makes an awaited comeback. Let’s count down to Christmas again by getting creative and finishing a track during December!

12 Days of Creativity is a production challenge, designed to help, guide and inspire music makers on all levels to finish their songs. Last year’s challenge proved to be so popular that it’s time to make a revised edition.

The programme starts on 1 December and culminates in a listening party live stream on 18 December. In between, LNA releases 12 videos on her YouTube channel, each video boosting your confidence and giving practical tips on a specific area of production workflow.

By following each step, you will create a full track from start to finish in 12 days!

How to attend?

  • Sign in on LNA’s website.

  • Watch the videos on YouTube and get creative. Your track can represent any genre and it can be made made with any DAW using any techniques.

  • Submit your track by 17 December 12 PM UK time by following the guidelines given in the last step of the challenge. Remember! Your track doesn’t have to be perfect or ready to be released. Be happy with whatever you create and submit it with pride. This challenge is not about who’s the best – it’s the journey that counts!

  • Join the listening party live stream on 18 December 5 PM UK time on YouTube. Everyone who finishes the challenge will be able to win one of the giveaways, such as Baby Audio Plugin Bundle or an LNA course of your choice.

12 Days of Creativity is free of charge and open to everyone. It will stay accessible on LNA’s website even after the challenge is over, so you can follow the workflow whenever and as many times as you want.

If you wish to share your progress on social media, you’re more than welcome to do so. Remember to tag @lnadoesaudiostuff, so that she can share your posts. There will also be a surprise gift for the most active social media poster.

Join the Squad!

Producing is not just about technique. It’s also about surrounding yourself with right kind of people.

To interact with other producers during the challenge and beyond, become a member of LNA’s Patreon community aka Squirrel Squad and join the chat on Discord. The prices of the membership start from £1 / a month – read more and join here.

This is what the Squirrels say about their Squad:

"I joined the Squirrel Squad about a year ago and during this time my production skills have skyrocketed, thanks to our monthly challenges and the amazing family of kind and supportive producer friends. They’re always there for me, listening to my tracks, giving me constructive feedback and helping me finish my projects."

- DJ Terhinator, Finland/Estonia (Instagram, Soundcloud)

"Before joining last year's 12 Days of Creativity, I lacked confidence in music making: I had no proper knowledge of how to use MIDI files, how to compose my own chords or how drum racks work. What I learned during the challenge expanded my knowledge, and by joining LNA's Patreon family, I've had a lot of discussions with other producers, which have deepened my knowledge even more." - ThomAce Van Doom, Hungary (Spotify)

"I joined the Squirrel Squad after last year's 12 Days of Creativity challenge, because I wanted to finish more tracks. By now I’ve finished seven tracks, one video score and one remix. Squirrel Squad has provided me with a safe space, where I'm allowed to express my own voice and develop my production skills. I don’t know yet, where my journey will lead me, but my fellow Squirrels will be there with me." - No Barbie, Netherlands (Soundcloud)

"For some reason, I was quite afraid to share any of my music, and the first time I worked up the courage to play it to anyone else was as an entry to one of the monthly challenges on LNA's Patreon. While I’m now confident enough to share my music more widely, members of the Patreon community are often still the first people to hear it, because I have come to value their opinion highly." - Procrastronaut, Germany (Soundcloud)

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