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12 Days Of Creativity 2023 - Production Challenge

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Struggling to finish tracks? Start creating with the 12 Days of Creativity, a production challenge crafted to empower and inspire music creators to make more music! From the 1st to the 18th of December, join the challenge on this website and LNA Does Audio Stuff YouTube channel, where 12 bite-sized 5-10 minute videos will guide you through each step of the creative process of making a full tack. Become the Creator of the Month (Giveaway): On December 18th, cap off the challenge with a virtual Listening Party on YouTube livestream! Five tracks, chosen by LNA, will be showcased, and one lucky creator will be crowned the Creator of the Month, receiving a special giveaway gift. The selection of tracks won't be based on production quality; rather, it will reflect your creative process. This means we will not celebrate the outcome, but our focus is on recognising and celebrating your creative journey! Main Giveaway Prize: Baby Audio Plugin Bundle (Worth £150), 1x course from LNA’s website (Worth £160), 1x LNA merch. Finishers' Rewards: Extensive discounts from DistroKid and my courses. Plus you get some awesome production freebies. All the rules and instructions for this challenge can be found in the first step of this program. Catch Up on Last Year's (2022) Creativity: Join us for the most vibrant musical journey yet! 🎵✨

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Terhi, FI/ES

"I've been very happy with the Push 2 Crash Course. What I especially like about the course is it's compactness. You get the basics sorted very quickly and are actually able to start making music in no time. 

Fred, CA

Wow, I can't express how transformative the 'Ableton Live: Track from Start to Finish' course has been for my music production journey! As someone who once felt lost and overwhelmed by all the YouTube tutorials and online guides, this course provided the structured guidance I needed. Thanks!"

Mike, London

"I am so happy I found these courses. For so long I felt overwhelmed every time I looked at Ableton Live and my Push, but now I know all the basics and feel like I can properly use them for both production and live performance!”

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