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Your favourite dyslexic producer.

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a musician, music producer, and YouTuber based in York, UK. She produces and performs chill house (Organic/Deep/Tropical/Progressive House) and electronic music with a Nordic influence. LNA is known for her bi-lingual lyrics and for combining electronic music with orchestral, organic, and cinematic sounds. She is the creator of an audio/production channel on YouTube called ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’, and she is an Ableton Certified Trainer. LNA also works as a sound designer. In 2019-2023 she has been working with Tin Arts dance company on music compositions, as well as interactive sound design. 

LNA is a passionate advocate to help artists to become more confident in their creativity and find tools to work through their insecurities. As a neurodiverse person, she believes in finding power in authenticity. Her Patreon community is dedicated to helping people finish more music and feel confident in their artistry. She is currently writing a book on creative confidence for Routledge. 

LNA is originally from Finland and her background is in theatre, classical music, and live performance. She is a former music production Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire. Now in her career, LNA is concentrating on her own music, production and songwriting collaborations, YouTube, Patreon, composition and sound design.


The University of York – MA Music Production 

The University of The West of Scotland – BA Commercial Music

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Honest tunes with awkward dance moves. 

LNA's style can be described as a chill house (Organic/Deep/Tropical/Progressive House) rooted in both Nordic and classical influences. In her music, she combines organic, acoustic, and electronic sounds into beautiful and melodic compositions. LNA is known for using violin, saxophone, synths, mellow vocals, and House beats as the main elements whilst exploring modern dance music sounds together with 80's and 90's vibes. With a unique blend of skills, she also produces, mixes, and masters her own music. 


Raised in an environment of art, she learned not to be scared of constantly pushing the boundaries of genres to explore new sounds in production and songwriting. In her Spotify, you will see the journey LNA has taken as an artist and a producer. The first album ”Kasvutarina” was written between the ages of 17 to 25, after which she produced the album only knowing audio tech for a couple of years. Since then, her style has evolved through the years from electropop to house music and EDM worlds. Now she has found a home in the Chill House, finally feeling like she is making music she truly loves. 

When performing live, LNA uses Ableton Live & Push, expertly blending instruments, electronic violin, vocals, and synthesizers to create captivating experiences for her audiences.

As a Finnish artist who spent over a decade in the UK, LNA skillfully incorporates language and culture into her music, infusing her lyrics with bilingual expressions that add a unique depth to her compositions.

Listen to LNA's music here.

Watch music videos and live performances here.

Music & Live Performances

Music & Live Performances

Music & Live Performances
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LNA - Good Choices (VLOG Music Video) #deephouse #chillhouse

LNA - Good Choices (VLOG Music Video) #deephouse #chillhouse

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LNA - Every Time You Want Me (VLOG Music Video)

LNA - Every Time You Want Me (VLOG Music Video)

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LNA - Middle (Official Music Video)

LNA - Middle (Official Music Video)

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YouTube Channel that makes production approachable to everyone. 

LNA is well known for her YouTube channel ‘LNA does Audio Stuff.’ An innovative music production channel that is known for its fun and approachable style. It features detailed tutorials, mostly focused on Ableton Live, music production techniques, studio/music production gear, etc. LNA does also fun music production challenges that aim to entertain, as well as de-mystify the audio industry and make it more approachable for everyone. 

From 2019 to 2022 LNA posted a video a week on her channel and released over 300 tutorials, courses and studio-related videos. In 2023 she is focusing on creating content and tutorials around her artistry as an electronic musician, performer and sound designer. She often streams on her channel showing her workflows (music production and mixing) in real-time. For example, in November 2022 she created an album in only 7 days, streaming the whole process.

You can also learn from LNA by joining her courses and challenges on her website, here. LNA currently offers a FREE mixing course on her YouTube channel. 



Multi-facited composer and innovative sound designer

Liina Turtonen is an accomplished sound designer and composer who skillfully combines classical and organic elements with electronic music. With a classical background in violin, piano, singing, orchestras, and choirs, she brings a unique perspective to her compositions, while her passion for music production adds flexibility and innovation to her work.

For the past four years, Liina has been a sound designer for the prestigious Dance company Tin Arts. She not only writes music but also performs live alongside the dancers, improvising and interacting with the music in real-time. Currently, Liina is involved in cutting-edge projects that explore interactive sound design, allowing dancers to create and loop music using their bodies and movements.

2019-2020 Helm By Talent Hub & Tin arts. Directed by Theo Clinkard. Music and Sound Design by Liina Turtonen & Fuzzy Jones. Watch the trailer here.

2022 - Got Your Nose by Tin Arts 

Artistic Director/Choreography: Tess Chaytor - Music and lyrics: Katie Doherty & Liina Turtonen. Read more here.

Liina's music (released under her artist name LNA) is a perfect fit for film and documentaries. Her music captures emotions and enhances visual storytelling, whether through ambient soundscapes or poignant melodies. With her ability to seamlessly blend different genres and her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, makes her one to watch in this industry.

Additionally, in February 2021, Liina released her debut documentary titled "in ctrl – A Journey Into Music Production," in collaboration with Music Production For Women, exploring the role of women in music production. Watch it here.

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