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Your favourite dyslexic producer.

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a music producer, musician and YouTuber based in York, UK. She is the creator of an audio/production channel on YouTube called ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’, Ableton Certified Trainer and the co-founder of Equalize Music Production. She produces and performs her own music under the artist name LNA, creating electronic music with a Nordic influence. She also works continuously together with dance company Tin Arts on music compositions for dance pieces, as well as interactive sound design. 

LNA is originally from Finland and her background is in theatre, classical music, and live performance she is a former music production Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire. Now in her career, LNA is concentrating on her own music, production and songwriting collaborations, YouTube, Patreon, sound design and a book she is currently working on for Routledge. 


The University of York – MA Music Production 

The University of The West of Scotland – BA Commercial Music


YouTube Channel that makes production approachable to everyone. 

LNA is best known for her YouTube channel ‘LNA does Audio Stuff.’ An innovative music production tutorial channel that is known for its fun and approachable style, and challenges the views on gender within the YouTube audio industries. It features detailed tutorials, for example in Ableton Live, music production techniques, new music production gear, etc. LNA does also fun music production challenges that aim to entertain, as well as de-mystify the audio industry and make it more approachable for everyone. 

In February 2021 LNA published her debut documentary about women in music production called: in ctrl – A Journey Into Music Production. This documentary is done together with Music Production For Women. 

The documentary and other channel content are featured below: