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Learning, Sharing, Feedback & Family

Patreon Family

LNA Does Audio Stuff Patreon is a community full of like-minded audio/music enthusiasts to support and encourage you on your journey. This community (Or "Squirrel Squad" as the members refer to themselves) is focused on helping you to achieve your goals, gain confidence and finish more music you love! You can join our monthly challenges, get feedback from LNA and others, and have a chance to be the "maker of the month"! You might also get occasional extra or behind-the-scenes material from LNA or some awesome freebies! LNA's Patreon is also a safe space, which means there are no stupid questions, everyone is encouraged to be themselves 100% and everyone is welcome! This is a non-judgmental space to learn, share and enjoy music.

drum pad controller


Mentori tier is the ultimate place for you to get one-to-one help directly from LNA. It is the 4th tier of her Patreon family (check out the Patreon page for the other tiers).

🌱 The special features of this tear:  

  • Access to join monthly challenges and listening parties.

  • Get detailed feedback on 1-2 tracks per month via private messaging.

  • Advice on 1 music business-related topic per month via private messaging.

  • Access Discord Channel

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