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12 Days Of Creativity 2022 - Production Challenge

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12 Days of Creativity is a production challenge designed to help, guide, and inspire music makers to finish their songs. The intent is to challenge producers and musicians to finish a track in 12 - steps. It is based on creative workflows, proven to enhance confidence in the artists' skills and creativity, as well as limit insecurities during and after the process. To take part, sign up for this free 12-day of creativity challenge program, where you can access videos, reminders, extra instructions, and resources. This challenge was originally done in December 2022, but is accessible for anyone to complete (how many times a year) whenever and at whatever pace you wish. So sign up and let's make some music together! LNA

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Terhi, FI/ES

"I've been very happy with the Push 2 Crash Course. What I especially like about the course is it's compactness. You get the basics sorted very quickly and are actually able to start making music in no time. 

Fred, CA

Wow, I can't express how transformative the 'Ableton Live: Track from Start to Finish' course has been for my music production journey! As someone who once felt lost and overwhelmed by all the YouTube tutorials and online guides, this course provided the structured guidance I needed. Thanks!"

Mike, London

"I am so happy I found these courses. For so long I felt overwhelmed every time I looked at Ableton Live and my Push, but now I know all the basics and feel like I can properly use them for both production and live performance!”

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