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“Ninety” is a YouTube video collaboration made up of over 90 samples collected from women and non-binary producers. All the revenue from the tracks and sample packs sold on this website will go towards organisations that educate or promote gender minorities within the audio industries, such as Yorkshire Sound Women Network and Equalize Music Production. With the donated money we can give free places on music production courses for those who can not afford it otherwise and help pay women and non-binary people working in audio education fair pay for their tuition services.


The track was produced by Xylo Aria, Drum & Lace, So Wylie, Lil Miss Beats, Ullie Swan and LNA, and was mastered by Katie Tavini. 


Musicians who donated their audio samples for this project:
Emia, Materia Hache, Novasound, Ary Maudir, Klementia, Lis Schröder, De Ana, Luisa Houseworks, Leena Punks, Madame Gandhi, Lynette Quek, Vanessa Sinclair, Aileé Zaga, Rosaikia, Selina Martin, MELLE, Kayla Painter, MEDIATRIX, Ana María Romano G., Lorna Goodman, Bryn Bliska, Kloyd, cherry seraph, MELLE, Görda, ZEMBU, Caro C, Sazrah, Kat Knix, Alba Eyra, Monkoora, Ana Mangot, Veronica Robledo, Lisa Garcia Veit, ixi, Thea, Cochrane, Jo Elise, K-A-B, Sherelle., Kat Five, Marie (Mariana Sousa Aguiar), K Murray, Carla Stella, Catenation, Sylvia Hinz – Recorder, Liz Mitchell, Dresage, Isabelle Banos, Kryshhofficial, Gailla, Josefine Persson, Grace Allen, Melanie Ó Dubhshláine, Astraluna, Pheobe riley Law, Liz, Hanks, Lucid Letters, Mari van DUS, Lisa Murray, Alex Tsikina, Suze Cooper, Krapka;KOMA, Christa Giammattei, Mika Sellens, Small Hours, Rie Sinclair, Jo langhelt, Hélène Vogelsinger and RogueViolin.


Listen and watch the track from here:


Remember to share the video and this page with people, so we can help and inspire more women and non-binary people into the audio industries! If you do create anything out of these samples and wish to share it on social media, remember to add the #ninety and tag @liina_music (Instagram) or @liinamusic (FB, Twitter, and Tiktok)! 

Here you have the option to buy either just the track or a bundle with the track and the sample pack.


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    LNA is known for her fun and approachable teaching style. On this website, you can find several music productions and live performance courses that she has carefully crafted so that you can take your skills to the next level.

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