This pack includes 2 Ableton Live sampled instrument presets for Live 11. One is made with Sampler and the other one is made with Drum Rack. Both of them use the same samples as the sound source, a piano I recorded in Young Thugs Studio in York. the differences between the presets are:  


LNA's Wonky Piano: 

  • Made with Sampler so it only works in Ableton Live 11 Suite  
  • Has 6 different Macro Variations and 8 awesome macros for effects. 


LNA's Ping Pong Piano

  • Made with Drum Rack and effects that work in All Ableton Live 11 versions.
  • It has 4 macro variations (In Live 11) and 4 Macros to control audio effects. 


Note! Make sure you have Ableton Live 11 before purchasing this product!


Check out how I created these two presets from this tutorial:


All money from these produces goes towards supporting my YouTube channel and my own music. ❤️


LNA xx






LNA's Wonky Piano Pack

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