A cheat cheet that includes a detailed setp-to-step guide to produce a House track from start to finish. This guide also includes 4 screen shots of the hi-hat, drum, keys and bass MIDI patterns. 


Following pre-planned workflows like this can really help with the 'empty canvas' fear, get over your creative blocks and get more songs finished! 


By purchasing this guide, you will get a link to download the PDF. You will not receive a physical copy of it, but I do recommend printing it for yourself and keeping it in your studio for reference! 


If you wish to see me make a House song using this guide, check out this video tutorial: https://youtu.be/EDiZrTccfyg 


All money from these produces goes towards supporting my YouTube channel and my own music. ❤️


LNA xx

House Track In 10 Steps by LNA - Cheat Sheet Guide