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Ableton Push 3 Crash Course: From Zero To Track

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Course Length: 55 Minutes (14 Video Lessons) + Extra Learning Material Target Audience: Beginners and Intermediate Students Course Goal: Make a track from start to a demo using only Ableton Push 3 Extras: Learning Materials + End Quiz Genre: Suitable for all genres Find the full lesson topic list below Overview: This Ableton Push 3 Crash Course is designed to take you from a complete novice to producing your own track confidently. This is done in a simple, straightforward, and approachable way. The focus is to showcase all the main functions so that you don’t get overwhelmed and can produce great-sounding music straight away! While a basic understanding of Ableton Live is beneficial, don't worry if you're new to it. We have included supplementary learning material to help you catch up. The lesson list is below. Learn from an Ableton Certified Trainer, Liina Turtonen aka. LNA is renowned for simplifying complex concepts. Liina is known on YouTube as LNA Does Audio Stuff: Please, check her channel for over 300 tutorials on music production and Ableton Live. The last lesson of this course includes a discount code for LNA's Ableton Push Live Performance course. Would you like to learn to make track from start to finish using Ableton Live? Check out the programs page for more courses to improve your production skills. Enrol now and take your first steps toward creating tracks with this incredible instrument!

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Terhi, FI/ES

"I've been very happy with the Push 2 Crash Course. What I especially like about the course is it's compactness. You get the basics sorted very quickly and are actually able to start making music in no time. 

Fred, CA

Wow, I can't express how transformative the 'Ableton Live: Track from Start to Finish' course has been for my music production journey! As someone who once felt lost and overwhelmed by all the YouTube tutorials and online guides, this course provided the structured guidance I needed. Thanks!"

Mike, London

"I am so happy I found these courses. For so long I felt overwhelmed every time I looked at Ableton Live and my Push, but now I know all the basics and feel like I can properly use them for both production and live performance!”

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