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Ableton Live: Track From Start To Finish by LNA

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Learn Ableton Live, discover creative production techniques, complete tracks, and discover your unique voice. • Duration: 6 hours and 45 minutes with 40 Lessons • Extras: Learning Materials + You will receive the Ableton session file to follow along + fantastic freebies to enhance your creative process. • Goal: Produce a full track from start to finish in Ableton Live. • Genre: Suitable for all genres, with a focus on POP & EDM during the course. • Level: Geared towards beginners & intermediate levels (See full course curriculum below). Feeling overwhelmed by numerous YouTube tutorials? Ever wondered how to start creating full tracks? If these questions resonate with you, this course is the solution! The course is designed for ultimate beginners to intermediate producers across all Ableton Live versions. (The course is taught in Ableton Live 11, but works perfectly also for Live 9, 10 and now also Live 12) All you need to get started is a computer with any version of Ableton Live and headphones. Your one-time purchase grants you lifetime access, providing a comprehensive journey through beat making, chords, bass lines, sound design, synths, audio recording, basic mixing, and arrangement for pop and EDM. Experience an authentic artistic workflow as we navigate creative challenges together, building confidence to finish tracks you love. LNa is an experienced music producer and Ableton certified trainer, so rest assured that you are in good hands. Want a sneak peek at her teaching style? Check out LNA's YouTube channel, "LNA does audio stuff": Do you own a Push? Check out also my Push 2 & 3 courses here:

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Terhi, FI/ES

"I've been very happy with the Push 2 Crash Course. What I especially like about the course is it's compactness. You get the basics sorted very quickly and are actually able to start making music in no time. 

Fred, CA

Wow, I can't express how transformative the 'Ableton Live: Track from Start to Finish' course has been for my music production journey! As someone who once felt lost and overwhelmed by all the YouTube tutorials and online guides, this course provided the structured guidance I needed. Thanks!"

Mike, London

"I am so happy I found these courses. For so long I felt overwhelmed every time I looked at Ableton Live and my Push, but now I know all the basics and feel like I can properly use them for both production and live performance!”

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