Learning, Sharing, Feedback & Family

Patreon Family

From LNA Does Audio Stuff Patreon page you can access monthly and weekly exclusive live streams, get personalized feedback on your tracks, get personal mentoring, take part in challenges, get freebies and make new friends in a community full of like-minded audio/music enthusiasts. LNA's Patreon is also a safe space, which means there are no stupid questions, everyone is encouraged to be themselves 100% and everyone is welcomed!

This is a non-judgemental space to learn, share and enjoy music.



Mentori tier is the ultimate place for you to get one-to-one help directly from LNA. 

🌱 The special features of this tear:  

  • Access to join Deep-Dive Q&A Live-Stream once a month. The tier members can suggest the topics we will cover.

  • Get detailed feedback on 1-2 tracks per month via private messaging.

  • Advice on 1 music business-related topic per month via private messaging.

  • Plus Access to weekly live streams, Discord Channel, Competitions/challenges etc.


I started Patreon to communicate directly with my YouTube and social media followers, as you all are an amazing bunch of people with lots of talent and I want to get to know you all better! In the past years, this family has grown and it means so much to me. The money from this Patreon page will go towards supporting my channel/music and allows me to keep on creating better and more interesting content for you all! 

Some of the benefits you can access as my Patreon family member are: Exclusive access to my weekly live streams, YouTube shoutout at the end of my videos, meeting new like-minded friends from the active Discord channel, mentoring (Feedback, music business-related questions, monthly deep-dive Q&A streams etc), Patreon family-only projects/competitions, preview to my songs/music videos and change to direct message me your burning questions about anything to do with music production, mixing and live performance! Check out the Tiers page for more details and see in which tiers your favourite benefits are included.