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Masterclasses & Patreon Community

From LNA Does Audio Stuff Patreon page you can access monthly masterclasses, access exclusive live streams, get personalized feedback on your tracks, take part in challenges, get freebies and meet a community full of like-minded audio/music enthusiasts. LNA's Patreon is also a safe space, which means there are no stupid questions and everyone is welcomed! 



Here in the Masterclasses tier, you will access a monthly 2-hour masterclass by LNA who is an Ableton Certified Trainer. The lessons are delivered through Live Streaming and you will also receive learning material/additional tasks as part of the learning experience. You will have a chance to ask questions during the live stream and as this tier member, you can DM me with additional questions afterwards. The Masterclasses are available to access/view one month after the lesson was streamed. All classes are tough through Ableton Live (focusing on default devices and features).

Other Tiers

The Patreon tiers start from £1 per month! This includes the main features of this Patreon channel, but if you wish to have personalized feedback and support LNA more, there are tier options for that as well!